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Welcome to CoroTown! 

In a city where people have to wear masks, CoroBoy has decided that pissing off the local cop was a good way to have some fun. His plan? Ripping off everyone's masks and run away as fast as possible! But CoroCop won't let this stand, and he'll rush to put the masks back and deliver sweet justice unto CoroBoy!

Who will win between CoroCop and CoroBoy in this wild race?

How to play ?

In this game in versus split screen, each player must unmask or mask back the most NPCs before the end of the day.

But be careful if you're playing as CoroBoy! If Corocop catches you, you'll be done for! But don't worry, even if you fall, another unmasked person will take your place! 

CoroCop, it's up to you to catch CoroBoy! Use your radio to get a short glimpse of CoroBoy's position and use your taser to pin this dirty rapscallion in place! 


Run but use your brains!

Manage your movements well in order to win, regardless of your side! 

Where did this boy go?! 

Use your Radio Skill to be able to see where CoroBoy is hiding from any distance!

Their vision is based on movement...

For a moment, summon a group of really dedicated (or really oblivious to danger) friends to hide and hinder CoroCop's movement! 

Stop running goddammit! 

Alright, enough is enough, when your patience has run too short, get the taser out! We'll see who'll be the last one laughing! 

Alright....NOW RUN FOR REAL!

Now CoroCop is really pissed off, sprint while you still can! 


Game Designers : Paul Bourdeau / Damien Salgueira / Christophe Amorim Rodrigues

Game Programming : Clarence Berard / David Duhem / Dorian Gélas

Game Artist : Jason Hameon / Charlotte Litto

Producer : Leonard Jeannerot


BuildX8664.zip 39 MB

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