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In a world far far away reside cute little beings named Totoros who seek glory and fame through a game called "Crystal Down". They challenge themselves in a trial of precision and dextery in order to shatter a crystal buried in the opponent's statue. 

In this ball game you will have to be quicker, grab the magic ball and shoot it to trick your opponents. Hit the statue and be the first one to destroy the sacred crystal.

Try to destroy the opposing crystal while protecting yours. Catch and release the ball several times to accelerate them in order to do more damage but be careful it can turn against you.

This game is a local multiplayer game. If you want to play online with your friends, you have to use the Parsec software.


  • Catch the ball to avoid your statue to be destroyed!
  • Throw the ball to destroy enemy's statue!
  • Dash to be quicker to catch the ball!
  • The plateform doesn't have  walls, beware of the fall!

Game Producing : Leonard Jeannerot - Loïc Andriantsoa

Game Design: Oscar Chenevier - Loic Lanternier

Game Programming: Matthieu Manuellan - Théo Boldireff

Game Artist: Lucien Delmas - Mallaurie Le Bihan

Sound Design : Clément Agogué

Special thanks to Tatiana VILELA, Olivier DROUET, Pierrick CHEVRON, Victor CHIOREAN.

Hi! We are a team of 8 students (with an external Sound Designer) from the Internet and Multimedia Institute. We made this game with Parsec, an application which allows players to play on a same computer without being at the same place, during the Could Gaming Jam which lasted 5 days! Chocolate Chip!


Crystal Down.zip 69 MB

Install instructions

- Unzip CrystalDown

- Open CrystalDown.exe

Development log


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can i play with key board 


One of the best fully free multiplayer game I've played so far! 


Thank you so much ! We are happy that you liked the game


I cant play it on android ://


Hi! It's quite normal because we didn't build the game on any plateform other than Windows (only computers). :)