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   Deep Scavengers is a two-player co-op exploration game combining intense action and resources management in the underwater depths.

In 2054, the sea level rose suddenly following an apocalyptic disaster. At the same time, two scavengers are also underwater to carry out some scraps and ressources. You play as these two scavengers who have made it their mission to survive until they reach the surface.

Craft ressources :

Use the craft wheel and materials collected during your journey to refuel your resources

Shoot system :

Shoot the mines so you can clear the way for the submarine and not take damage.

Travel management :

Steer the submarine correctly so that it can move forward and watch out for collisions as this can be fatal to the submarine.

Manage ressources :

Use the craft wheel and the materials collected during your journey to get supplies.

Lead Producer : Leonard Jeannerot

Lead Game Designer : Damien Salgueira

Lead Programer : Clarence Berard

Lead Artist : Loïc Andriantsoa

Game Designers : Lucas Sanchez, Alexandre Linel

Programers : François Dessarts, Abdelkader Vandamme

Sound Designer / Compositeur : Léo Caviglioli


Build Finale.zip 55 MB

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