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In this wacky world, the deer decides to go on an adventure in a series of mini-games. Each of the deer want to become the best deer.

Deer's adventure is a Wario Ware like. It's a mini chaining that pushes the player to go further to make the best score. The game consists for the moment of 3 mini game.

Deer's Adventure is a student game created on the occasion of a Game Jam. The development team consists of:

- Léonard Jeannerot, Chef de Projet/ Programmeur ;

- Grégoire Pierillas, Lead programmeur;

- Matilde Rodrigues, Programmeur/ Lead Graphiste;

- Pierre Mallet, Programmeur;

- Loic Andriantsoa, Programmeur;

- Raphael Ortolan, Graphiste;


Deer's Adventure.rar 60 MB

Install instructions

After downloading the .zip file and extracting it where it suits you, open the folder and double click on the Deers Adventure  file.

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