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Welcome in the office

Stuck in your office for life, this is what awaits you if you can't escape in STUCK IN THE OFFICE. In this puzzle platformer, you will have to reach the exit to escape, to do so use your clones from the past / push crates or interact with your environment.

But will you manage not to get Stuck in a loop?


How to play?

In this game, the goal is simple, just get to the exit of the office. For this, you can freeze in time to create statues of you to serve as a platform or to help you get out of this hell.



Game Design : Damien Salgueira / Leonard Jeannerot

Game Programming : Clarence Berard / François Dessarts

Game Art : Lylian Louat / Charlotte Litto

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StuckInTheOffice (1).zip 52 MB

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