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Pay attention to the people around you

Tak'R ! is a puzzle adventure game set in a small town. Today you realized that a small gesture or a discussion can change a life forever.

Are you going to pay attention to the people around now?

In this game, you will have to help your neighbor by taking the time to listen to him, by offering him your help, to get out of an aggression. Maybe your actions will inspire the people around you to do the same?

How to play ?

The goal is simple, the player controls a 2.0 superhero. His goal is to listen to the people around him in order to help them feel better, to try to reason with the abusers, and to ask for help.

Features :

- Convey joy around you
- Take your courage in both hands to reason people
- Use your surroundings to help you
- Realize that there is strength in unity

Team : 

Alexandre Framezelle - Game Artist / Sound Designer

Marie Wajsblat - Game Designer

Merri Le Chevanton - Game Designer

Eloi FG - Lead Game Designer/Level Designer

Antoine Jeanselme - Game Programer

Maël Bourgine - Game Programer

Clarence Berard - Lead Game Programer

Leonard Jeannerot - Producer


Tak'R_Win64.rar 22 MB

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